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Wednesday, May 9, 2012

My Beauty Routine

Beauty is only Skin Deep

This blog is dedicated to my beauty routines. I am a slave to the beauty departments in Neimans, Barney's, Sephora and CVS! Throughout my modeling career I have learned a lot of tricks of the trade. I am always on the hunt for the next “it” product & magical potion! Through trial & error I am sharing with you my all time “must have” beauty lists.

Facial Beauty
Your face, home to the windows of your soul, to your infectious smile, to your soft lips & your good side! I have tried many products & below is what I use on my skin for cleansing, moisturizing, healing, masking you name it!

-Neutrogenamakeup remover wipes (calming,night): After shoots, a long night out, these are the best & very gentle on your skin. I call it the "Lazy girls trick".
- Estee Lauder "Perfectly Clean" Foaming cleanser: soft gentle, removes all dirt off skin
- Estee Lauder Re-nutriv softening toner: It's gentle & effective at the same time.

I am obsessed with serums! A few drops in the morning & night and your skin stays hydrated & nourished. Great for anti-oxidants and sun damage.
- Estee Lauder "Advanced Night repair": this serum is my life line I have it with me in my purse, on trips, shoots. It instantly moisturizes, heals, and lifts my skin.
- ESPA "Super Active" serum: This tiny vile is the must have for women in NYC. 3 drops a day and your skin is renewed.

-LaMer "moisturizing cream": its potent, rich & like velvet on my skin. It's great for the cold in NYC or dehydration while flying. However some find it to rich if so try my other choice.
-Estee Lauder Renutirv: This is amazing & very strong just a little goes a long way it makes my skin look so dewy!

The eyes say it all, your tired, frisky, happy, angry or sad. The eyes are vital to ones beauty, so take care of them.
-SisleyEye Contour: this is a soft nourishing potent cream day & night it works.
-Immupure lifting eye serum: its like an instant glass of water for under eye bags and dehydration it tightens the skin and lifts.
-Orlanehypnotherapy eye cream: This eye cream is magic it immediately wakes your eyes up. Only bad part is it can be a bit too heavy

Your mouth and lips are stared at all day & night as you talk, smile & smooch! Take care of those kissers!
-LipsScrub by Sara Happ, exfoliates dry skin and makes my lips renewed.
-Vaseline: The best for my lips, nothing moisturizes and soothes like vaseline, plus its cheap!
SmithsRosebud salve: This is soft & smells delicious. I am never without it. It's in everyone of my purses & on my nightstand. Get it at Sephora & you will become addicted!

Kaki West - My Beauty Routine


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  2. Estée Lauder ReNutriv is the best! You got me addicted to it! :) <3 Tara


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