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Friday, January 3, 2014

Blush Fashion Magazine Cover

In 2014 I am starting off my year with a fashion bang! On the cover of "Blush" magazine, a high fashion/lifestyle magazine in Panama. Please enjoy the photos & article as well, if you are fluent in my favorite second language Espanol!


Shandrew PR
GEA Photo
Fadil Berisha, photography
Evelyn Ramirez, Makeup
Andrew Hernandez, Hair
Sherri Hill Gowns
Locations: NYC & LA

Kaki West Cover of Blush Magazine
Kaki West Blush Magazine

Kaki West Blush Magazine

Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Happy 2014

Happy New Year! Out with old in with the New! Let Go & Let God. My 2013 was filled with love, drama, travel, family, fashion & career highs!
I want to take this moment to say Thank you to all of you lovely Blog readers for your support and or curiosity into my little world. I wish you all the very best for 2014. There is nothing as invigorating as a clean slate, a do- over. Take advantage of this new year and if you must look back, take the time to right the wrongs you may have made. The greatest part of life is that we can always start anew, strive to be better.
Forgive and forget, to forgive is to forget. It's Bull-shit to say I forgive you but I don't forget what you did. That in translation means your still holding onto all that negativity & pain.
Take 2014 to let it all wash away, delete your contacts, close the door and dead bolt it if you have too! Grow as big, bright and beautiful as God intended for you, and don't let anyone dull your shine.
Happy 2014, hold your head high and let this be your YEAR!


In the spirit of New Years Eve, with NYC being my hometown & the ball drop at midnight. Please enjoy my photos from 138 water shoot in Times Square.  Click Here !Here!

Kaki West Times Square 

Kaki West Times Square 

Kaki West Times Square 

Kaki West Times Square 

Kaki West Times Square 

Kaki West Times Square 

Kaki West Times Square 

Kaki West Times Square 

Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Kaki West 138 Water Billboard

If your driving on Sunset Blvd, below the CNN tower, look up and you will see me on the billboard for the launching of the great company 138 Water!
Thank you to 138 Water, click here for their information. Thank you, to the very talented, funny and vivacious photographer Raquel Rischard for making this all come to fruition. Click here for Raquel's information. I look forward to more endeavors with this team coming soon, but next time in my hometown of NYC!

Early to bed, early to rise. Work like hell and advertise."
- Ted Turner


Kaki West 138 water Billboard

Sunday, November 24, 2013

Kaki West Fashion shoot with Celebrity Photographer John Russo

In August I had the model equivalent of playing in the "Superbowl"!  I was lucky enough to shoot with famed photographer John Russo click here to see his work. John is great friends with my extraordinary publicist and the pieces fell into place for our shoot. John is humble, talented & kind. I remember the entire time thinking in my head just breathe. But my nerves were soon put to rest. As the shoot was filled with such ease and warmth. The high fashion photos have been published in several International magazines. It was a magical day, as we said on set it was "Everything"! 
Watch the Behind the Scenes Video here!
Thank you,

John Russo Photographer
Jerry Shandrew PR
Evelyn- Makeup
GEA- Video
Andy- Hair
Masha- Stylist

Ambiance Mexico Magazine 
INmtk Espanol Magazine
Veux Magazine
MIA Magazine

Kaki West by John Russo
Kaki West By John Russo

Kaki West Ambiance Cover by John Russo
Kaki West By John Russo
With the whole crew that's a warp!

Kaki West photo by John Russo
Kaki West by John Russo
Kaki West by John Russo

Friday, October 25, 2013

Bahama Mama

When I was told my shoot would be in the Bahamas. I gasped. I was practically raised in the Bahamas by my avid spear-fisherman father. Which Bahamas? No not the Nassau "Atlantis" resort room service kind of Bahamas but the Green Turtle Cay rent a house with no television or phone, out on the boat all day snorkeling reef to reef. The eat what you catch kind of Bahamas! When I was in high school I had the worst fish food poisoning of my life in these Islands, afterwards the sight of a red lobster commercial made my stomach churn.
The Bahamas are in my blood. It's not fancy, the people are as warm as the sunshine, the water is crystal, and the sand is powdery white. Its always Island Time, and I am always ready for a Bahama Mama. Don't worry be happy. With all this,  my absolute favorite gift that the Bahamas gives is the answer to everything & anything--  a resounding "Yah Mon".

So off I went in June to the remote Island of Exuma, with photographer Raquel Rischard , hair/makeup maven  Becca Janian & producer Zach . 3 fun filled days of shooting, weather, drama, sand, boats, Island time and Island hopping. We obsessed over the Vine app which as i write this has already been replaced by Instagram video.
See Video click HERE & HERE!

I am blessed to have worked with such a wonderful team. Lately "gratitude" has become a huge mantra of mine.  I am thankful for the triumphs and the missteps in my life, Namaste.

Bahamas Credits:

Grand Isle Resort, Exuma Bahamas
Photographer, Raquel Rischard
MUA, Becca Janian
Producer & Kalik expert, Zack Solof
My SLS- I don't tell you enough, how lucky I am to be your wife.

Photos Published in:
FHM Philippines Click Here Click Here
CKM Poland  Click Here

"Unity is strength... when there is teamwork and collaboration, wonderful things can be achieved."

FHM,  The background was so perfect it looks fake! 
CKM Poland 
Last shot of the entire shoot & its my favorite. Kaki West by Raquel Riscahrd

Beautiful Exuma, Bahamas, Jet Setter,  photographer Raquel Rischard & MUA Becca Janian

Fun in the Sand Behind the scenes shot

Lying down on the mist beautiful sand bar. Kaki West by Raquel Rischard

Collage of some of the Published shots
Kaki West FHM

Thursday, October 17, 2013

FHM Turitsa

Thanks to FHM for the honor of being a "Hot Turista", click Here! Translation... a model from a different country. This comedic title was bestowed upon me on my actual Birthday! Which gave me one more reason to celebrate and demand more presents, which I was told were stuck in customs!
Seriously, Thank you FHM.
Photographer: Raquel Rischard
MUA: Becca Janian
Location: Exuma Bahamas

Birthday Girl

My Birthday has always been a special day to me, I am "that girl" who loves Birthdays!
This year I was treated to my favorite NYC restaurant La Grenouille. It is a world renown French restaurant oozing with class & elegance. The fresh flowers permeate the restaurant like sweet perfume & the red banquettes are oh sooo romantic! It was the perfect Birthday dinner.

Hair: Carter, John Barret Salon
Makeup: Tay Rivera, MAC Cosmetics, freelance artist
Dress: Roberto Cavalli
Shoes: YSL Tribute heel
Clutch: Alexander McQueen

"May all your Birthday wishes come true"

Birthday Balloons, red is the color of LOVE! Dress Roberto Cavalli
My Birthday Glam look, red lipstick, Gorgoi Armani (400) Chanel Lipliner (57)

Roberto Cavalli gown, Alexander Mcqueen Clutch, YSL heels accompanied by NYC downtown
Birthday Cake, Chocolate mouse
The beautiful restaurant La Grenouille

Hair by Carter, we went for a old hollywood look.

Birthday Oufit, Cavalli Crochet gown,  YSL heels,  Alexander McQueen clutch

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