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Saturday, October 20, 2012

Birthday Girl

I enjoy Birthdays immensely. I take my Birthday to a whole new level of celebration it usually extends the entire month of October. Though it only exists on the 10th, my Birthday is 10/10! What is so magical about Birthdays? Is it the endless calls, texts, emails from friends & family? Is it the 9 am door bell ring with a flower delivery? Or the random acts of kindness from strangers when they find out its your Birthday? Like, free products from Sephora, a high end cleanser from your Dermatologist or free dessert from the waiter. Or is it the fact that everyone sings you their tone-deaf renditions of "Happy Birthday" on your voicemail in a world full of texting? Is it the party, the theme, the colors, the restaurants, clubs or trips we all plan to celebrate? Or is it the perfect Birthday dress & shoes, the one that screams "its my birthday & I can wear sequins or candy apple red if I want too, Damn it!" Or is it the gift? The splurge on yourself where you buy something lavish or ask for something BIG, that on any other day you wouldn't dream to spend or even consider? Is it the hand written cards full of humor & love? Is it the moment your about to blow out your candles and your wish is racing in your mind, where the noise of the party falls away & you breathe in ready to exhale?

I suspect it's that we are all dying emotionally a little bit too feel special, loved & primarily acknowledged in this world. We are given this 1 day of praise. 1 day a year to be celebrated by our friends near & far. By family whether you are close or estranged everyone reaches out on your Birthday. Even by strangers who are often kinder than those nearest & dearest.

So the next time you wish someone a Happy Birthday do it with an open heart. Feed their soul with your acknowledgment that, Yes today is their moment!
~Love, Kaki

Birthday Credits & Candid photos below from my little Fiesta

Venue: Mexicana Mama Restaurant, NYC
Cake: Ruthy's Bakery, NYC
Dress: Jovanipurchased at Divine in Los Angeles
Shoes: Gina, purchased at Harrod's in London
Purse: Chanel quilted small flap
Hair: John Barret Salon, NYC- Carter
Makeup: Armando, freelance makeup artist, NYC

Kaki West

Birthday Girl 

Location of my Bday Party, NYC

Kaki West Bday celebration Finished!


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