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Friday, October 14, 2011

Kaki West in the West Village

It wasn’t this way on day 1 or maybe not even day 30 but to my surprise I have developed a love for the West Village, my new home in NYC. This affection did not come easily, there are no cabs, the winds are howling and the cobblestone streets in Louboutins are brutal. But I left it to fate, after all I am Kaki West living in the “West” village anchored by “West” street. I am told from those in the know that this is the new “blue chip” real estate in Manhattan. You cross over from the meatpacking hood & a hush comes over the world, you have arrived in the West Village, blink & your out. Taxi cab drivers do not even know my street name. I always end up giving the Standard hotel address & happily walking to my secret casa past the old world town homes, the dry cleaner on a yellow bike, the elderly West-Beth artists talking to themselves, bustling Barbuto restaurant or the drunks spilling out of Tortilla flats. You cannot live in a more unique part of Manhattan. Except we have the worst nails salons in the city, hands down ( no pun intended)!


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