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Thursday, May 8, 2014

Fashion Editorial

My homage to photographer John Russo:
In August 2013 I first met world renown photographer John Russo. Our first photo shoot together was phenomenal. Which progressed into more shoots and an incredible friendship. John Russo is the Steven Spielberg of photography. He is a genius with lighting and has a quiet confidence that makes it look effortless. He is a visionary. More importantly he breathed new life into my quasi retired modeling career. I had been happily devoted and very distracted as a new wife, step-mom and adjusting to my new home in New York City. John has been behind the scenes full of advice, optimism & fortitude. I am humbled & full of gratitude towards John. The power of an "I believe in you" can carry the human spirit a long way. I look forward to new ventures to come!

Below are my photos from my latest shoot with John Russo recently published.
Photographer: John Russo
Make-up- Tay Rivera
Make-up- Evelyn Ramirez
Hair- Becca Janian
Stylist- Tay Rivera
Public Relations Co.- Jerry Shandrew PR
Video- GEA Photo

Kaki West

Kaki West

Kaki West


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