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Tuesday, April 24, 2012

March Madness & a Cover Shoot

In March I headed West for my latest photo shoot. I packed for a 4 day LA trip & mistakenly sent my winter clothes to Aspen where I would be heading post shoot. I arrived in LA to a heavy rain storm and 50 degree temperatures. For this shoot “Murphy's Law” would pay me a visit. The rain didn't let up, either did the winds and the sun failed to shine-not even for a minute. I blasted the heat in my LA home & dug through my suitcase only to find I had packed tank tops, Oh & more tank tops! I fielded calls from my PR, photographer, hair/makeup artist & the magazine all trying to find resolve to the weather. Push it back, shoot in the rain, wait to see if it blows over? Finally the shoot was postponed. I went to the gym, spray tanned, cleaned out my LA closet, & dropped off 8 garbage bags filled clothes to the good will. I had dinners & lunches with friends, all the while waiting on Mother Nature's dismal mood to end. 
Finally the sun came out. I headed with the crew to Malibu. While sitting in the limo getting hair & makeup touch ups, we heard  a knock on the door & opened it to 2 cops investigating a suspicious limo! It was cleared up quickly with a laugh. I then braved the freezing 60 degree day in tiny bikinis, trying to look sexy as goosebumps invaded my skin. And worse I immediately developed a bad case of the sniffles. Five frigid hours later we wrapped and Jack In The Box never tasted so good! The pictures from this shoot are my absolute favorite. Even with all the hiccups  along the way, the end result (photos) came out superb. Watch the behind the scenes video for all the drama!
Special Thanks to: 
~Aktueel Magazine, Netherlands, for an amazing cover. 
~Brian B Hayes my photographer & dear friend 
~Nickie for freezing & holding reflectors :) 
~Angie my assistant, for being pregnant & still running my life with a smile 
~Sarah Maxwell, Hair/makeup a pregnant trooper & beauty guru 
~Erich who made the funniest behind the scenes video ever 
~Jerry for doing great PR
~My Husband who lets me fly across the country to pursue my dreams & defines the meaning of unconditional love. I am the luckiest wife in the world.

Kaki West Images - March Madness & a Cover Shoot

Kaki West Images - March Madness & a Cover Shoot


  1. OMG Kaki..bang on Mother Nature..35f here this morning..sooooooo cold..furnace came on..more indoor March 21 it was 80f here and I rode 80 in summer mode..and there are groups of people who doubt climate change..grrrrrr..


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