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Saturday, July 27, 2013

Photo-Shoot June 2013

 In June I had the pleasure of shooting with talented photographer Ryan Astamendi. I first shot with Ryan in May of 2012 see the blog and photos here.  To contact Ryan click here! 

History repeated itself with the outcome of excellent photos, a laid back atmosphere and a  ton of laughs.  I was fortunate to have my amazing makeup artist Evelyn Ramirez glam me. To contact Evelyn click here! The hairstylist, Andy, gave me soft bouncy hair that I fell in love with immediately. To contact Andy click here! 

I would also like to thank them for participating in my directorial debut of  "YOLO", watch here!  Enjoy the funny video, behind the scenes candids & of course the final photos.

 Kaki West by Ryan Astamendi 2013
 Kaki West by Ryan Astamendi 2013

 Kaki West by Ryan Astamendi 2013

 Kaki West & photographer Ryan Astamendi

 Behind the Scenes Candid



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