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Monday, November 14, 2011

On the Road Again

Traveling in the entertainment world is equivalent to "clocking in" for a factory worker. It's just an occupational hazard, and you embrace it because you have no choice. Shoot in Mexico, audition in NYC, location shoot in Canada, video shoot in LA. TSA screenings, Starbucks & bitter flight attendants all have become second nature to me. So I have listed my premium travel tips below with pictures.
″A traveler without observation is a bird without wings”~
1.) Fly 1st class, have it put in your per diem or pay the extra $, extra leg room, no hassle, personal TV, better check in lines.

2.) Favorite airlines: United/Continental for 1st class or business class from JFK to LAX or EWR to LAX. They have the most up to date planes, electronics, wifi & best staff. They are merging as one so get a frequent flyer #!

3.) Nexus Limousine Co. in Los Angeles. The best drivers & best SUV's. They are punctual, courteous & fast. Always have clean cars stocked with water & candy.

4.) My Prada black nylon roller carry on suitcase. This is the best & biggest carry on you can buy, (Trust me I searched). Its sleek & pretty yet you can cram a lot in it.

5.) My Givenchy red Tote is the classic big bag for travel. It's perfect for magazines, laptop, headphones & it has a huge shoulder strap. Buy it at Neiman Marcus.

6.) My travel beauty kit is in my Prada nylon zip makeup bag. I swear by the following products for travel: Tresemme Dry Shampoo, Purell, Tylenol, L'Occtiane lip balm, Hermes perfume, Sisley face wash, Estee Lauder eye cream, Johnson's lavender lotion & Evian spray.

Images of Kaki West "On the Road Again"


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