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Thursday, November 3, 2011

Lights, Camera, Action FHM!

In August 2011, an inconspicuous limo drove me to the back end of Zuma Beach for my FHM dual cover shoot. Upon arriving the photographer & his assistant had their reflectors set up close to the cliff. Also by the cliff was a rock-climbing club of about 8…awkward!
I walked across the hot sand with my publicist, hair/makeup team & videographer. I was told FHM didn’t pull permits for filming so just “act casual” around beach police! I changed into 5 tiny bikinis behind a reflector & definitely flashed some innocent bystanders. I did my best Zoolander look, got splashed by freezing water, awkwardly arched, squinted into the sun & had sand in all the wrong places.
After 4 hours we wrapped, 2 FHM Covers and inside spreads later the sand in all the wrong places paid off. Watch the video for all the action.


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