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Monday, October 24, 2011

Kaki West FHM Czech Cover & the Mystery of the #3!

3rd times the Charm! This is my 3rd FHM magazine Cover, I started off with Turkey then moved onto Slovenia and now the Czech Republic. My man accuses me of settling for 3rd world domination. Soon I could be having peace talks with NATO representing tiny countries in a bikini! Back to my #3 theory. Good things, bad things, Death and blind mice all come in 3's. Victoria's Secret body products are always in a package of 3… Buy 2 get 1 free, that equals 3. So I will happily take my lucky or enigmatic #3 cover. However I will avoid 3 legged bar stools, but I will hi-five the boy that runs me over on a NYC sidewalk in a tri-cycle. All in the spirit of celebrating my 3rd FHM Cover!

FHM Czech Cover Model : Kaki West
Location: Malibu CA
Hair & Makeup Team: Sarah Maxwell & Becca Janian
Swimsuit: Beach Bunny

Cover Model Kaki West on the FHM Czech Cover November 2011
Kaki West FHM Czech Cover - Mystery of 3


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