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Saturday, May 9, 2015

My first Mothers Day

On January 28th, 2015 at 9:02 pm I gave birth to my son West Louis and at 9:04 pm my beautiful daughter Lily Sophia. My life has forever changed for the better and I have never known this kind of  love. It took us quite sometime to become pregnant with heart breakes along the way. So now looking at my twins at the tender age of 3 and a half months makes it that much sweeter. I am a mother, guardian, teacher, friend, caregiver and the list goes on and on! It's a great responsibility, to raise two precious lives. I now sleep with one eye open, if I even sleep and my mind moves a mile a minute thinking constantly of my babies! Being a first time mother is a lot, but being a first time mother with twins is like having dessert after an amazing four course meal!

Many people offered unsolicited advice upon hearing the news of our impending twins. Their eyes would widen and they would roar "TWINS?! Oh, you are in for it, two infants crying, two car seats, two of everything. I wish you luck,wowza" Or something along those incredibly asinine words. Now as a mother of twins, my response is just the opposite. It's the best thing in the world! I finally got pregnant, I have two babies and even better a son and daughter. I am in heaven, I don't know anything other than twins. So in a way my naivety works in my favor. As a wise person told me "double the blessings double the love." There is nothing in the world sweeter than my son and daughter exchanging sweet gurgles and coos with each other.

I am more fulfilled in this chapter of my life. In my twenties I earned my degree, achieved success as a model that afforded me world travel and an independent lifestyle. Then I met my husband and we were married within a year. I was able to enjoy three years as a wife, and now my husband and I are parents together, we are a family. It feels so complete. It is a magnificent time for me as a woman, wife and now drum roll please….. Mommy!

Happy Mothers Day.

"I didn't lose myself when I became a Mother I found myself."~
The sky is the limit for my babies! Photo was taken in our LA home twins were 8.5 weeks old.

West and Lily at 25 days old, this was taken in our home in NYC. Lily came home from NICU at day 22, so this was their reunion photo. She literally hugged her brother it was the best moment captured!

I Loved this moment, my son is such a charmer. Photo taken 8 weeks old in LA.

Following in daddy's footsteps, Go Stanford!


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