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Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Baby Shower Details

I pride myself on being a fabulous hostess. I enjoy throwing, organizing & theming a party right down to the color of the napkin rings. I literally become giddy with excitement and anticipation! So my baby shower would be no exception. My best friend Sabrina was throwing it for me, in my new Beverly Hills  home. Sabrina speaks five languages, grew up in two countries, has three kids at the age of 33, is realtor to the stars & knows how to throw a fabulous affair.

The flurry of calls, texts and endless emails began between the two of us, me in NYC and Sabrina in LA. The colors, the theme, catering, photography, times, table cloths, chairs, games, dessert table... it goes on & on. We connected with amazing event planner Mimi and she helped bring the party to a perfect 10. Mimi knew all the best vendors! We had a vision, we wanted it to feel regal so the theme a "Royal Shower" came to fruition. Fit for a Prince and Princess. We incorporated blue for the boy, pink for the girl and of course my favorite color gold as the accent for the crowns.

The spectacular Dessert Bar
The beatiful floral arrangements
Fun accent pieces from the shower.

On a perfect sunny and 75 degree day my baby shower was finally here. I walked outside into my backyard and it was a fairy tale come true! I stepped into a giant white draped tent with crystal chandeliers hanging, flowers everywhere huge pink, blue and white hydrangea, pink and blue balloons floating in my pool, a dessert table to die for and a make your own Mimosa bar. The centerpiece was one long table for all 35 guests flooded with gold chargers, gold chiavri chairs, crown cookies and place cards. The table cloths were handmade satin blush color and the dessert table and mimosa bar had three tiered ruffles in pink, blue and white. It was truly a "Royal Shower"!

I wanted a real glamour retro look look thanks Frani & Evey and Herve Leger!

Soon to be Stage Mama for my twins!

My Baby Shower
Dessert Buffet & tablecloth by my Gloria
Mommy & Daddy to be place cards!
The Bar, tablecloth handmade by Gloria

Close up of the table setting with balloons in the background

The signage was amazing

My backyard transformed into my beautiful baby shower!

I loath the typical baby shower game nonsense and wanted my shower to be an elegant lunch while being FUN! We played two games and the winners were given a bottle of Vodka as their prize. The games were very intimate; the first was "He said/She said" a series of quotes from me and my husband and guests have to know who said it. This games is hilarious, I highly recommend it. The second was titled "Who Know Mamma Best" a series of my personal trivia. Both games were won by different sorority sisters of mine!
Guests hard at work on the baby shower games!

I am so blessed with my pregnancy and wonderful friends and family whom came out to celebrate my growing family. I wanted to share with all of you the wonderful vendors that made my baby shower so exquisite.
This table was perfect, thanks Sarah for the cookies :)

Party Planner: Mimi Events

Catering: Rutt's Hawaiian Cafe

Florist: Ninfa's Flowers

Cake & Dessert Buffet: Vienna Pastry

Photography: Chris Schmitt Photography

Tenting/ Tables/Chairs: Star Event Productions

Photo-Booth: Peek A Booth

Signage: Itsy Belle

Balloons: Cabrera's Balloons

Linens: Handmade by my Gloria!


  1. Looks like it all turned out just perfect!! Excited for you hun.... Congrats again! ����. Love, Debbie Pilo ��

  2. I am really happy to see this baby shower arrangement. Have heard that one of NYC wedding venues is a good place to throw my sister a baby shower. Will definitely use your ideas too in planning the day. It will be so fun to do everything.

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