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Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Oh Baby, Baby!

I have a black-belt in shopping! However when it comes to everything baby I was overwhelmed to say the least. I am a step-mom to grown middle schoolers. So newborns are completely foreign territory for me. My big sister came to NYC for the weekend and happily led the way for all things baby. My eyes glazed over with fear at Giggles (the "it" baby store) and she quickly trotted me outside for air. We detoured and ended up at Baltazaar for a fabulous lunch. I am lucky to have such an understanding big sister!

Two weeks later after spending days online researching every baby product and necessity for my twins. I set out again, this time with my husband. My husband is already an amazing father, a native New Yorker and a shrewd financier who would have his eye on the clock as a NY Giants game would be on later. Somehow his resume put me at ease much more than my super mom big sisters. If I fumbled his type A efficiency would kick in and I could skate by. But that was not the case at all, who knew a little thing called Mama Bear would finally emerge from inside of me.

I was armed with my manilla folder full of papers on every product under the sun. But we were on a  mission to do the big ticket items. AKA the Twins nursery, we are having a boy and a girl. We designed the room a beautiful cream with white chandelier and cream and gold curtains. I always envisioned my babies nursery to feel like an elegant sanctuary not a Disneyland ride. We arrived at Albee Baby and began shopping for the next 3 hours and never had to go elsewhere!

Photo Credit: Snap Studios this was taken at 8 weeks, for a gender reveal, only turns out I was having twins boy & girl! #fate

Cribs: 2 cream and gold cribs from Newport Cottages, they fit perfectly into our room scheme and are classic yet simple.

Dresser & Changing table: A Newport Cottages dresser matching in gold and cream from with a cream changing table on top.

Bedding: We are ordering custom from Bebe Chic Company, but still deciding on the twins colors!

Glider: A modern glider detailer togo we ordered it in a light beige color, it's chic and comfortable.

Bassinets: We live in NYC & wanted nothing frilly for the house. But we care about design and wanted bassinets that wouldn't be eye sores. We found the gorgeous Monte Ninna Nonna Bassients, these are perfect for any room in our home.

High Chairs: Finding 2 high chairs that were safe, functional and design savvy was a task. We hit the jackpot with the Mima moon it's so well made and multi functional.

Car Seats: We have a large SUV in NYC & just like LA you are in a car a lot. As a new mom my only concern was safety. I didn't care about looks, style, color. All I desired was the "tank" of carseats for my twins. I found it in the Cybex aton Q currently the highest rated carseat.

Strollers: Strollers for twins living in NYC was a chore. It took us one hour of test driving, lifting, folding & pushing these beasts to narrow it down! We decided on the Stokee Crusi double in charcoal color. It's sleek for narrow city sidewalks, safe, functional and yes looks good! It also has an amazing winter add on packages which is key for NY winters. And I found an amazing double stroller from Icandy in London. It's extremely versatile and top of the line and just perfect for twins.


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