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Thursday, October 11, 2012

Girls Just Wana Have Fun!

Once upon a time on a scorching hot day in late September in an extravagant home in Beverly Hills, 6 girls let loose & left their inhibitions parked in the driveway! The Ladies were all together for an editorial photo shoot. Raquel Rischard is a brilliant photographer with gorgeous red hair & effervescent energy. She works closely with her friend Masha whom is a high fashion stylist.  Model Kaki West arrived with her entourage of a glamour team, an assistant plus a baby-girl!  The stage was set with makeup by artist extraordinaire Evelyn with her sweet laugh. Becca is the fabulous hair stylist, with a knack for cracking jokes at perfect timing. Kaki's assistant Angelique with her beautiful 4 month old baby Meggy strapped to her, made sure the shoot went efficiently & smoothly. The shoot was in full motion, moving swiftly and loudly. The women were talking, laughing & the creative juices were flowing. They moved from a pool, to a stariway, to a balcony. Cameras were rolling, fans were blowing, iPhones were ringing, music was blasting, this was a sorority masked as a photo shoot. As the last shot was taken, the ladies air kissed goodbye & off they went. Sometimes Girls just wana have fun & work too! They all lived happily ever after.
*Photos & behind scenes snapshots below

*** In an industry so competitive & harsh with women constantly being petty & hyper aggressive. It was an empowering shoot for me. So here is to Girl Power, to working together & supporting each other. Lets raise each other up rather than put each other down. ~ Love,  Kaki

The Cast
Model~ twitter/Kakiwest10
Makeup Artist~ twitter/evilyn_mua
Hair stylist~ twitter/makeupbecca
Photographer~ twitter/raquelrischard
Kakis Fab Assistant~ twitter/anchorsaweighla

Behind the Scenes Collage

The Girl who stole the Show my assistant's baby "Meggy" 4 months old!
Kaki West

Sneak Peek of photos below by, Raquel Rischard

Kaki West 

Kaki West


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