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Friday, October 14, 2011

Blonde and the City

My 1st Blog entry: 9:30 pm Eastern standard time. Location NYC.
New city, new season, new blonde? Like most ladies I up & moved to a new city for my Mr. Right. Lucky for me Mr. Right lives in NYC ? NY’ers have met me with a chilly & overly intellectual welcome. But the most surprising factor is the sorority known as the Brunettes. Every corner, restaurant, salon, office you will meet a member of this sorority. Occasionally a flash of a blonde high-light will pop out in the crowd. Maybe a platinum blonde but that belongs to “Lady Gaga” in NYC. I come from Team Blonde in LA, NYC is clearly team Brunette. Or should we all just meet in the middle with Ombre technique? So… with my new address, new season, new city and new a shade of blonde I join the NYC streets with a glimmer of golden hope.
Below picture: Yours truly at photo-shoot with my new home NYC in the background.

Kaki West - Blonde and the City


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